Excel Dashboards Course

So what is an Excel Dashboard?

An Excel Dashboard provides key insights and alerts you to possible issues. It makes you able to analyze your performance against your KPIs at a glimpse.

Key features of an Excel Dashboard:

  • Fits on a single page.
  • Displays key trends, and shows your organization’s performance against the KPIs either graphically or in small tables.
  • Provides the reader with a bottom line conclusion against their KPIs and goals.
  • Can be made interactive, allowing the user to filter data and switch between different views themselves.
  • Automation is a key in creating an Excel Dashboard, meaning the quicker you can update it, the more awesome it is!

What you’re going to learn on my course:

My Excel Dashboards Course will teach you the techniques that you can apply to create great looking, professional Excel dashboards.By applying the techniques that you’re going to learn on my course, you’re going to be able to create reports and dashboards that not only look great, but also are automated, saving you a great amount of time, and earning you the right to ask your boss for a raise!

Learn Step by Step how to create Professional, Interactive Dashboards & Charts using Excel including:

1- Learning the Important functions that you need to know for building Dashboards such as VLOOKUPHLOOKUPMATCHINDEX, OFFSET and others

2-Learning how to implement Interactivity tools such as Form ControlsSlicers, and others.

3-Learning Dashboarding techniques.

4- Building a Complete Excel Dashboard.

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This is one of the most helpful and comprehensive dashboard classes I have taken. I was able to take what I learned in the evening and apply it at work the next day. I created a compensation dashboard and my boss was amazed! Thank you Abdelrahman Abdou for an awesome class.

Mary Templin

I was impressed with some of the information presented. I have taken various dashboard courses to find little gold nuggets and i found a bunch in this course. The instructor provided some new twists for creating dynamic ranges, for example. He didn’t present the normal formulas that I have seen from different sites but came up with some new approaches which caused my eyes to grow wider. I felt I was gaining a deeper understanding how excel thinks and works. His presentation showed me that he put some thought and effort into the presentation and made an effort to bring me from a Joe to a Pro!

Michael Diamond

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