Basics of Using INDEX MATCH Combo for Lookups


You can download the workbook here to follow along with the Video!

The INDEX and MATCH Combo great combo for performing Lookups. A function like VLOOKUP can be used for performing lookups, however, the column containing your lookup value needs to be on the left-hand side of your table, while If you use the INDEX MATCH Combo, this is not a necessity.

In this video tutorial, we show how you can use INDEX and MATCH to perform lookups:

1- First of all, we explain the basics of each function and how each of them works.
2- We show you how to use an INDEX MATCH combo to perform a one-way lookup

3- We show you how you can use an INDEX MATCH combo to perform a two-way lookup.

I hope you like that Tutorial.

Please watch the video and let me know if you have any comments or feedback in the comments section below.

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