XLOOKUP in Excel

INDIRECT function in Excel

You can download the workbook here to follow along with the Video!

In this video, we speak about the XLOOKUP Function, we explain how the function works, and also we compare it against VLOOKUP & HLOOKUP.

We speak about the following points:

3- How to perform Two-way lookup with XLOOKUP
4- How to perform Lookups with multiple criteria using XLOOKUP
5- How to do approximate match lookup with XLOOKUP (The bonus calculation problem) and the extra options that we have when using XLOOKUP. We also speak about the binary search option
6- How to search Last to first (Bottom to top) using XLOOKUP.
7- Wildcard Match using XLOOKUP
8- Dynamic Ranges using XLOOKUP
9- XMATCH Function

We also show how to accomplish different tasks that we used to accomplish using the other legacy functions such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX & MATCH combo using XLOOKUP . We also speak about the XMATCH Function.

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