Automating Tedious Procedures and Tasks in Excel

If you have a tedious task that you perform such as Cleaning Data, creating reports, sending emails to multiple contacts, creating invoices, we can automate this task for you to be performed with a click of a button.

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Custom Excel Files

We can build tailored Microsoft Excel solutions that cater to your specific business needs.

For example: Customer and Product databases, operations and inventory management systems, customized reports, data cleaning and extraction, and pretty much anything you can think of!

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Interactive and Informative Dashboards and Reports using Excel & Power BI

No Matter what kind of business you have, you need to be able to monitor your business’ performance and know if your business is heading in the right direction. We can transform your business data into Interactive reports and dashboards in Excel & Power BI that can get updated by a few clicks. These reports & dashboards can analyze your business performance, provide you with insights, and answer your all your business questions.

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We can simplify your data input routines!

We can create forms & other solutions to simplify the process of inputting data in your spreadsheets and minimize errors as well. We can also save you the time consumed in scrolling though spreadsheets and jumping from one column to another!

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What you can expect from my services


Files will be set up so that you would enter the data only once. If there’s any data entry that needs to be done more than once, then I will setup the macros to do it automatically (You may need to push a couple of buttons to be exact!)


Files will be prepared with the utmost care to ensure data accuracy. I will review and validate everything to ensure that whatever you are doing, whether it’s producing reports, invoices or anything else gets done with perfection!


I will make sure to secure and encrypt your files if you need me to do so, to prevent unauthorised people from using your files.


Besides performing the needed tasks, my macros will ensure to deal with any incorrect data entry by informing the user and guiding them through to ensure that they use the macros correctly.


I can create a manual/training guide for any system that I create to ensure that you can use the system correctly. I can also create instructional videos if need be!


I will make sure that the system that I build integrates as best as possible with the systems that you already have in place. I will also propose better solutions that I would think fit you better.


I will make sure that the system looks as user friendly as possible and that it is aesthetically pleasing for you and your team so that you have a good time working with it!


The system will be tested thoroughly before delivery, and I will be supporting you and your team after delivery to ensure that everything is working smoothly. I also offer a warranty period for the systems that I build for my clients. I will also be available for any future changes or upgrades to the system!


I will guarantee a smooth implementation of the new system that I build for you and work around your schedule to ensure minimum disruption for your work.


All your business data will be kept strictly confidential! I know how crucial your data being confidential is to your business’ success!

If you are wondering about that one task that consumes your time, give me a call.

I will gladly offer you up to one hour of free consulting service to discuss your project. Please take a look at the Services page to learn about what I can offer you.

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